Sunday, October 17, 2010

Inaugural Post

At long last, after many many moons of thinking about it and procrastinating, I've started a cocktail blog!  What finally pushed me over the edge?  Who knows - perhaps it was coming up with a name that I liked.  "Raised Spirits" seems very fitting to me (and not just for the obvious pun).  There's several different meanings to be had from the title that I think fit my goals and interests with this project.

First, there's the impression of good cheer that goes with one meaning of the expression, and which I associate with one of my favorite aspects of, well, drinking - the social aspect.  Whether it's at a good bar, at the home of a friend, or celebrating at a wedding or other event, there's a lot to be said for that feeling of clinking glasses in good company.  Beyond just highlighting some fun ways to fill the glasses of the potential glass clinkers out there, I also hope to carry this social meme a little further by enlisting the aid of some of the aforementioned friends that I regularly toast with to bring some of their insights to this blog.

A second (and ok, perhaps a bit more morbid) way of interpreting the phrase "raised spirits" is the idea of calling forth apparitions from beyond the grave.  This meaning is somewhat apt as well, in that I am very much someone that appreciates the rich history that goes along with cocktails and classic drinks, and I am always up for exploring the often delicious vintage drinks of bygone eras. Thankfully, I am far from the only one, as the trend towards the revival of vintage cocktails and spirits in cities across the country seems to be continuing to build steam, making what was old new again.

A third way to interpret "raised spirits" is the idea of raising up, or improving upon something.  I think this is fitting first in a historical way, as it harkens back to the origins of the cocktail as, put bluntly, a means to compensate for terrible quality spirits.  However, more importantly I think it also fits in the general sense of seeking improvement, going beyond the known to new frontiers.  It's this meaning that I associate with modern mixology and the new frontiers that today's bartenders are exploring, all of which piques my interest and is subject matter I hope to explore on this blog.

Finally, there's the somewhat literal interpretation - raising spirits in the sense or raising your glasses for a toast.  So in that vein, and in closing, na zdrowie!  Cheers!  and thank you for reading!

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