Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Alas, the day job and other chaos has kept me from posting in a while, but fortunately some of that busyness has included some cocktail-related projects as well.  I have currently in progress a number of homemade creations including some peach amaretto (courtesy of the recipe in a recent issue of Imbibe), Regan's Orange Bitter's No. 5, some meyer lemon limoncello, and a cranberry shrub just to name a few!  More on those at a future date, as well as some other content that I've been working on.

In the meantime, I would like to take a moment to point out some resources I'm in the process of posting to this site, and as a bonus, some other interesting content on the web to keep you occupied in the interim.

As with many other cocktail blogs, I have a section of links posted with related resources such as other on-topic blogs.  However, I am also attempting to add a little something more.  In the Suggested Reading page, I've listed some of my favorite content from my cocktail book library, however I've also begun a list of some vintage reading related to cocktails and spirits from the 19th and early 20th Century.  Best of all, many of these books, with their copyrights now expired, are available in their entirety online thanks to Google Books.  Where available, I've provided the link to this content on Google Books, or if unavailable there, to any other source of the material I can find (such as reprints on Amazon).  I hope to keep updating this list as I can find additional resources.

Having provided some resources for the vintage cocktail world, I now leave you with a note from the modern cocktail world.  As mentioned on, a bartender-oriented reality tv show styled something like Top Chef and called "On the Rocks:  The Search for America's Next Top Bartender" has recently begun airing its third season.  The show features 2 Boston area talents this season, Trina Sturm of Somerville's Trina's Starlight Lounge and William Codman of Woodward at Ames Hotel.  Sadly, the show is a bit tough to catch here on the East coast (I've read the first 2 seasons didn't even air on this coast).  It airs at 1am on Saturdays on NBC (to make it even more challenging, the first episode actually listed as "Paid Programming" in the guide from my cable company).  Luckily, episodes are available on the show's website as well (the Internet to the rescue again!). 

That's all I have time for right now, but if nothing else you now have some reading and viewing material to tie you over until next time.



  1. Check out the Difford's Guides / CLASS Magazine, too. They're high industry juju, and Simon's a good mate. I can show you a copy of the latest CLASS (Cocktail, Liqueur, and Specialty Spirits) if you'd like. Adam might have some issues at The Boston Shaker, too.

  2. In case you need some caffeine for your experimenting, NYT's got an article on coffee cocktails in the city: