Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Manhattan Cocktail Classic, Day 2

I spent a good chunk of today as a volunteer at the MCC working the welcome table rather than as an attendee, so I have less to report on than yesterday. However, I can definitely say that it was my experience that this is a very well-run event with great organizers and a very friendly crowd of attendees. I actually had a great time working the front desk and chatting with the participants and my fellow volunteers.

Before volunteering, I attended a morning seminar on the Art of the Simple Cocktail with Elayne Duke. Elayne took us through the use of the simple formula of base plus modifier plus modifying agent to create tasty drink varients with ease through simple substitutions (while giving credit to David Embury for his pioneering thoughts on such cocktail creation). She also gave tips on how she thinks through designing a new drink, and let us sample some creations including a Godiva chocolate raspberry vodka drink with champagne, a honey drizzle, and a chocolate truffle and raspberry garnish.

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