Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday Night at the MCC

The Manhattan Cocktail Classic started off the weekend with a bang Friday night with the opening gala at the New York Public Library.  This was my first time attending the gala, and I must say it was an amazing event.  Approximately 3,500 people, dressed to the nines, invaded the library late Friday evening to be met with drink stations lining nearly every wall sporting cocktails from each stations patron liquor company (I think off the top of my head, my favorite drink that I sampled was the Black Marlin  from Pisco Porton).  On top of that, there were several rooms of with live music, spread out across the daunting four floors of party.  Also, this was in the New York Public Library - how cool is that?  There were also the occasional random elements thrown in, such as the Shaving Station sponsored by New Amsterdam, a room full of hats being tried on, and some photo booths (I believe there's a picture of me with a life-size stuffed black bear on facebook somewhere now).  All-in-all, great time.  If you have a chance to go to this event, do it.  My companion and I finished off the evening after closing time with a trip to Booker and Dax for one last drink and some pork buns.  Good times.

Before the party...

The Andaz Hotel home base across the street:

Once the festivities had begun:

Wall-to-wall people and drinks:

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